Louis Vuitton advertising as art

  1. I enjoy old advertisments for iconic products like Vuitton.

    Has anyone found an archive of old Vuitton advertising prior to the year 2000?

    Would love to have some of these ads, if any, from 60's, 70's and 80's. Or did LV not really do photo spreads until after 2000?
  2. They did some random ads for Saks and stuff..I have one from the 70's that I bought from eBay awhile ago of a cruise ship with the trunks in front of it on the dock area.
    But there definitely were some spreads in the 90's..that book, Birth of Modern Luxury has quite a few inside.
    Anyway if anyone has any places where these can be found, I'd like to see them too-I like using LV pics as my desktop picture :yes:
  3. I agree :yes: love LV ads in general..from any era.. Here are two of mine Enjoy!!

  4. wow.. thanks for posting!

    this thread is a great idea!
  5. wow..I love old ads..
  6. :supacool: !!!
  7. wow :borg1: I want those magazines
  8. There are small pictures of old adds each year in one colour/white (this year blue (for med size I think) ) in the agenda fillers, and they look gorgeous.
  9. Amamxr, what you posted is awesome :yes:
  10. Cool pics! Thanks!
  11. cute....!!
  12. Here's the one I had gotten from eBay..it's from 1977 and advertises that trunk shown at a cost of $6000.
  13. Great idea!!!!