Louis Vuitton Accessory Pouch Strap

  1. I am thinking about getting a Vuitton Accessory pouch from E-bay (for 110 dollars) and people have confirmed that it is authentic, but the problem is that the strap is pretty worn and old...

    is there any way that i can get a new strap for the bag at a store or on e-bay? i checked out the straps on e-bay and most of them look fake to me.

    Should I even bother then? I'm just thinking about buying a new one for like 300 dollars in Japan when I visit in 2 weeks.
  2. You can purchase a new strap.. for I think around 50$ (correct me if I'm wrong). Do you want a new strap that doesn't match the tab's patina though ?
  3. Wait - there are always lots of Mono Pochette Accessoires on eBay! You'll find one soon in better shape for maybe a tiny bit more money. :yes:

    And welcome! :flowers:
  4. You can replace the strap from the LV store, for epi pochette it's Cdn$60/US$54.
  5. I agree! Wait to find one in better shape!
  6. I agree with waiting until another one comes along...they are so frequent on eBay that it should be no time at all!
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