Louis Vuitton; A travelers story

  1. I found this, scans from a book called a travelers story. Thought I might share:flowers: Hopefully it hasn´t been posted yet.

  2. very interesting, thanks for sharing!!! :yes:
  3. Thanks! love to read about the history of Louis Vuitton!
  4. Nola, I'm glad you found that website it has many resources for your book that we spoke of you just have to navigate around for a bit as it gets confusing. That story is wonderful..:flowers:
  5. ohh cool, thanks for sharing! I saved it in my favorites to read when im bored haha
  6. Oh this is one of those! Excellent, save to computer :P
  7. That's a great site Nola - they also sell LV and other designer items. You can sign up for emails from them on their for-sale items. Lots of luscious pics of LV trunks!
  8. They sell too? Wow I just looked at the pics so clearly I didn´t even check it out properly! Thank you :flowers: