Louis Vuitton 60 how to store?

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  1. So i got a new louis vuitton keepall 60 and i have it on a shelf in my closet in the dust bag, but as you know its quite big and doesnt fit open in the dust bag, and idont know if its okay to have it folded i dont want it to crease or crack, what hsould ido?
  2. I stuff my keepall with a blanket and place it in the LV box, then place the dust cover on top of it (just covering it) and then just close the box.
  3. Keep the Keepall unfolded. It will be prone to canvas cracking in the future by storing it in the folded state. Stuff it and stick it back into the dust bag as far as it will go. Just make sure that the end that sticks out isn't exposed to sunlight, or it will have an uneven patina.
  4. I have my Keepall 50 stuffed in an armoir in my room without a dustbag, along with all my other LV's in their respective boxes.
  5. I stuffed my 55 with a pillow, put it in the dustbag and covered the small part that was sticking out with a throw and put it on a shelf in my closet.
  6. MY mom made a keepall shaped pillow to stuff it, and a large lust bag!
  7. ^^I agree with everyone!

  8. thats exactly wut i do just outside the box