Louis Vuitton 25-30-35-40 Pics


Oct 22, 2006
Hi! Im kinda new here,and the forum is huuuuge! Can sombody please help me with sizes on the monogram speedy?

I have try to google on different sizes,but i just get pics of the bag alone... i need to see them on people! :smile:
Speedy 25

speedy 35


Speedy 30


Speedy 40
That looks so fab on you!
LOL And yes, you are a sexybitch Jill!! (It's what your photo is labeled;) )

:roflmfao: :roflmfao:

I didn't realize that's how it was going to come up when I uploaded it, and when I saw my post, I was like "oh man, what should I do..do I say something, or maybe just leave it and they won't notice" ahha...btw, I was reffering to the beautiful mono 35 as the "sexybitch" hahaha...
here's my 35! hope that helps!

wow! looks fab on you :love:

thanks for the pic,it really helped me! now i just need to see the 30 on someone to compare. (yes,am lazy! so many paiges to go through..)

ilovepurse007: thanks! Happy to be here :smile:

edit again: Im 5,6 will the 30 maybe be best for me? Do i get all i need in it? (books,makeupbag,food,waterbotle,umbrella++)