Louis Vuitton 25-30-35-40 Pics

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  1. Hi! Im kinda new here,and the forum is huuuuge! Can sombody please help me with sizes on the monogram speedy?

    I have try to google on different sizes,but i just get pics of the bag alone... i need to see them on people! :smile:
  2. hi! Have you tried searching the visual aids thread under the reference library? That thread helped me a lot!
  3. Visual aids and speedy gonzales club are the perfect place
    welcome to PF..
  4. I see! Thanks :idea:
  5. Speedy 25

    speedy 35


    Speedy 30


    Speedy 40
  6. OH! your greate! but i cant see the pics! :sad:
  7. ^^ sorry, I just attached them from the visual thread, they are within the first 5 pages.
  8. here's my 35! hope that helps!

    Attached Files:

  9. That looks so fab on you!
    LOL And yes, you are a sexybitch Jill!! (It's what your photo is labeled;) )

  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I didn't realize that's how it was going to come up when I uploaded it, and when I saw my post, I was like "oh man, what should I do..do I say something, or maybe just leave it and they won't notice" ahha...btw, I was reffering to the beautiful mono 35 as the "sexybitch" hahaha...
  11. Welcome! Did you register yet? You need to register to see pics.
  12. That's me with the 40, honestly I only use it as a tote bag, such as I am flying home for Christmas and it will be my carry on, I wouldn't recommend it as a purse, it's way too big.
  13. wow! looks fab on you :love:

    thanks for the pic,it really helped me! now i just need to see the 30 on someone to compare. (yes,am lazy! so many paiges to go through..)

    ilovepurse007: thanks! Happy to be here :smile:

    edit again: Im 5,6 will the 30 maybe be best for me? Do i get all i need in it? (books,makeupbag,food,waterbotle,umbrella++)
  14. Jill you look great!