Louis Vitton - vernis owner(brendwood)

  1. who use their vernis as everday bag?
  2. I have a framboise brentwood, I don't use it everyday, because of the color. But I do use it as an everyday bag....kwim?
  3. I have in the past..when I get a new bag, I tend to use it for a couple of weeks nonstop lol. I used my Framboise Houston, Rouge Biscayne Bay GM and Fuchsia Lexington (I have others but those are my most frequently used) quite a bit when I first got them and as always, I plan my outfits around my bags so there's no worry that it won't match lol.
  4. I have a Pomme Brentwood that I purchased last month to add to my bag rotation. I love it! I do have to plan my outfits around it so nothing clashes or it's not screaming RED too loudly. LOL

    I was intimidated at first to use my Brentwood. It's soooo pretty and I was afraid I would mess her up! Got over it, though. So, yes, I do use my vernis as an everyday bag.
  5. will get my 1st vernis next week my is the color noresette. I was debating between the speedy 25 or brentwood. I finally decided on the brentwoood. I hope I will enjoy the bag.
  6. Congrats-be sure to post pics once you get it, if you can!
  7. brentwood have such a great shape, and the color noresette goes w/almost anything, so it shouldn't be too hard to pull some outfits for it. please share some model pix~
  8. i use my vernis wallet as an everyday wallet...
  9. I don't used by bedford beige and thompson street red every day only on special occassions. I'm afraid of color transfers and scratches.. lol .. I baby them too much.
  10. I have my Perle Roxbury and I've been using it almost every Friday to work then out :smile:
    When the new Vernis black-cherry colour comes, I'd get something like a brentwood too and plan to use it literally everyday for work!

  11. Oh, I did not know that they will come out with the black vernis...do you know when ?
  12. My Pomme Roxbury is not so much an everyday bag....and she'll be babies. I've had her 2 weeks and haven't used her because of the dang snow here.
  13. I have the framboise brentwood and tend to baby her more than the others, so no I don't use it as a everyday bag. Although I love her! :heart: