louis virgin

  1. so i have others but am totally willing to cheat with a louis (which i do not have at all). the million dollar question is "which one"??? i really liked the damier but figured i could totally convince my fiance to buy that one for my 30th in oct. so for the summer the million dollar question is should i buy the epi ivoire 25 or the azur 25 speedy? my style by friends is described as "sophisticated" so which fits better by those who have seen them IRL? i will have to order site unseen so please advise!
  2. speedy 30 in Damier ebony would be great for you and welcome to the pf...
  3. i would say the epi ivoire is more sophisticated than the azur.....
  4. Damier speedy ;) worry free bag and low maintenance :yes:
  5. epi ivoire speedy is an incredibly classy bag!
  6. Azur, it's so refreshing for spring/summer time, Damier ebony is great for fall/winter season~

    Welcome to tPF! :flowers:
  7. I'm a little bias... I bought the Damier Azur in NYC last month, but it sags... So I picked up the Speedy 25 in Epi Ivoire :graucho: and have been using this ever since.

    Speedy in Epi caves in a little bit, but does not "sag" like the canvas material.

    It's so classic and since I wear black alot (mostly for work), the off-white just pops.

    I know you said you may have to order it "sight unseen", but if you can, I would suggest seeing both of them and pick whichever one fits you best.

    All the best!

    P.S. Forgot to mention the Speedy Epi 25 is slightly bigger than the Speedy Damier Azur (or canvas).
    Also the top of the zipper for the Epi doesn't go all the way across like the canvas ones, so the top opening is a bit smaller.
  8. I think the ivoire would be more versatile and match with more outfits, whereas the azur has the blue in it so would clash with some colors...just my opinion. Both are lovely bags.
  9. epi ivoire 25
  10. maybe the Epi Ivoire Speedy 25??
  11. epi ivorie!
  12. ivorie speedy is definitely sophistication. :yes:
  13. welcome to TPF, and I love the epi line, so my vote goes for the ivorie
  14. The Epi!
  15. Epi Ivoire speedy OR did you ever consider the epi Ivoire Alma ( I think that is right) ? I think that is very sophisticated as well, but if it has to be a speedy I guess for you sounds like like the Epi Ivoire one.;)