Louis Surya V Chanel ?


Feb 4, 2010
Hi girls, am new to this but really need your help! I am a LV girl at heart and am in love with the Surya L in black but due to budget restrictions can only get one bag at a time. I already have a patent YSL Large Downtown in black , so i am thinking do i really need two slouchy patent bags. I have been thinking about a Chanel for a long time, not that keen on the standard smooth calfskin prefer the leather to be patent or quilted etc in some way. Do any of you guys have both Chanel and LV and how would you rate them in terms of durability. I had a large Jimmy Choo and it looked a bit tatty after just 12 months whilst a Louis is built to last.... any advice greatly appreciated.

Also obvioulsy LV are handmade is it the same with Chanel bags?

cheers! :biggrin:


Dec 11, 2009
I'm no expert but I have both an LV and a Chanel bag, and I think it depends on the material. My Chanel is a classic quilted Flap in lambskin so it's obviously more delicate than my Monogram LV Speedy, which is canvas and, as you say, 'built to last'. I'd say Chanel bags are timeless, and you're gonna enjoy them now and in the future as well, but if you're looking for sturdiness and ,more than anything, something that doesn't get ruined easily,I'd say go for LV.
That said, there's also a selection of patent Chanel bags out there, which might be more suitable to your needs and taste..maybe take a look here http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel-c...-your-patent-leather-chanel-items-199812.html. Unfortunately, I have no idea whether Chanel patent leather is delicate or not, since I don't own any. HTH, happy hunt :smile:


Nov 28, 2006
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Depends on the bag.. A chanel lambskin is delicate. Carviar is much more durable but you still have to be careful. Most LV's are great everyday knock around bag. How about something in the LV vernis line? Like the vernis alma?

Here is my wilshire and alma

Here is the alma