Louis Sunnies!?

  1. I am just curious to see if the quality of their sunwear is just as good as their bags (since they run almost the same price!) I work at SGH, so I never buy outside of my company (killer discount) ^___^

    Thanks everyone!
  2. I have Soupcon GMs in Light Glitter Honey. I've had them for about a month and I love them. They're built so solid and look sooo good. It's my first pair and def. not my last.
  3. Hi rileygirl, I'm always curious about LV sunglasses too. And I have not seen one IRL yet. :p Possible to post a few pic of yours? Thanks alot!
  4. I lose them too often....otherwise, I'd have a pair of LVs on my face!!
  5. I have the Gina sunglasses and I purchased them in March 07 in Scottsdale LV store--and i have not had any problems with them at all--except of course the load of complements I get it...Take the plunge:graucho:
  6. I got my mom the honey glitter Obsessions for Christmas last year and I actually ended up taking them over lol. They're so nice!
    But this year I actually decided I want the Conspiration GMs in silver so hopefully I'll get them.
  7. LV sunglasses are the BEST! you'll never look back at other brands once you have your first LV pair. they are all hand made in France and the production is owned and controlled by LV. unlike Chanel, Gucci or Prada sunglasses that are made by another manufacturing company like Safilo or Luxotica. the LV website has a feature on their sunglasses which is worth checking out.
  8. Thanks guys! I am going to have to look into it when I visit LV around Christmas. I am glad to know LV makes their sunglasses themselves, and not some second source company. I guess a pair of Prada's will have to do for now ^___^
  9. LV sunglasses are the BEST. NO LIE. They are so comfy and can see so clearly with them! I have the brown Alhambra and the black Tonga sunglasses. I highly recommend buying a pair... it'll be a good investment that you won't regret!
  10. Got Soupcon's in Glitter Honey and not a single regret...got them on eBay and they are flawless and the quality and weight are better than my Chanels (no insult meant!!) I always wear 'em!!:heart:
  11. I swear by all my LV sunnies! I have been hooked onto them since the very first pair..my gosh,you wanna know what it feels like? Go get one now and you'll know exactly what I mean ;)
  12. they're okie. I have the the Soupcon rond, and seriously, they're not much of a big deal in my opinion. I've been looking at Cartier's eyewear recently, and I think this brand's better.
  13. I have both Cartier and LV sunglasses and I love them both.
    Honestly, I think LV has better lenses if you get the Landscape Lens, but Cartier has more style.
    Cartier has some beautiful models with wood and buffalo horn temples that just take your breath away.
  14. I have 4 LV sunnies! After I bought my first one, Glitter Honey Soupcon GM, I was hooked. I really love the way it is solidly built and the eastern bridge fits nicely. I also have the Soupcon GM in dark tortoise (with the landscape lens) and the Pomme d' Amour. Last month, I purchased the bordeaux Trunks and Bags sunnies to match my Mirage Speedy. I love LV sunnies --- they are better made than my 4 Chanel sunglasses.