Louis Speedy 30 or 35? Buying online -_-

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  1. The nearest Louis Vuitton boutique is over an hour away (OF COURSE the mall 15 minutes away doesn't have Louis -_-) So, i will be purchasing a Speedy online. I'm small, 5 ft 1 and not sure whether i want the 30 or 35. I love big bags but i don't want anything too huge. I had my heart set on the 30 but now I'm not so sure. Help? :confused1:
  2. Hi,
    You should do a search on the Louis Vuitton subforum about this. There are a ton of threads about it as well as pics of both bags for reference.

    Good luck! Personally I like the 30, I'm only 4'11.
  3. I prefer the 30.
  4. I'm a fan of 30 too
  5. For your size the 30 will look more in proportion. It's also the classic IMO :biggrin:
  6. The 35 might be a bit big for you but its really nice to use when traveling.
  7. I started out with the 25, then got the 30, and then the 35. I would say get the 35, I love the way it sags - and if you're a fan of big bags, you won't be disappointed.
  8. I am muc\gh taller than you and love the 30. The 35 is too big and sags to much IMHO.
  9. The 30! I am 5'10 and felt the 35 was too big. See my blog for pictures - it should be under the tag 'Louis Vuitton'
  10. I have the 30 and love it. I think the 35 is a bit too big for everyday use.
  11. 30
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.