Louis part of your family?

  1. Do you guys ever bring up 'Louis' in conversations or refer to your handbag as a member of your family?! :smile:

    I have a confession to make, I didnt realize that I was so in love with my bag until my mom and DH pointed it out during lunch. We were all having a funny conversation on how people at work think my mom is conceited and stuck up because she holds her head high (she's a hard worker!) and she doesnt really talk to anyone, yet she is the complete opposite! So I joked around with her that I feel like i'm stuck up when I carry around my Louis and then she burst out laughing and asked "You call your speedy Louis?" and my DH being the oh-so-wonderful husband that he is started telling her how I am always babying my 'Louis' and how Louis always sits up in front with me and this and that..so now whenever I need to go out and need my purse everyone (even my dad) always say "go get Louis!"..

    they make fun of me because I have an eye on Louis outdoors as much as I do on my kids...

    is this wrong?;) I mean, it's my first LV so I feel like it's one of my own.. :smile: :roflmfao:
  2. LOL I have a close bond with my louis vuitton bags as well!! :smile:

    Nothing wrong with it IMHO :smile:
  3. Just the other night at dinner my 18 month old grabbed my cerise speedy and I told her, put the louie down, you don't wanna take a chance hurting her now do you?!?! LOL :nuts:

  4. Guilty as well! The other day I went grocery shopping and I took my 2 year old. I placed him on the little seat in the front and didnt have room for Louis anywhere else other than my arm which i needed, so I hesitantly placed Louis next to Jacob (my son). He looked down at the bag, then at me, and gave me a smile, then started playing with the handles....I had to tell him that if he didnt put Louis down he would be grounded..LOL..

    yeah, groundings for a 2 year old work VERY well..:roflmfao:
  5. I don't name my bags, but my husband and I have always named our cars.
  6. One day we were waiting getting on the bus and my bf accidentally pushed my speedy. I said (out loud :nuts:) "Don´t push Myra!" He was mortified.
  7. i call my belem pm "belem". does that count?
  8. im guilty of acting these ways as well.

    i cant stop looking at my louie too. my bf is always jealous about the amount of attention i give my bags than him.

    sometimes i'll accidentally drop my bag on the floor, and i get all upset about it falling. then i'll apologize to the bag. and wipe it clean with a babywipe. lol.
  9. If anyone were to come into my house, they would know I had an obsession with LV. I wouldn't have to say a thing.
  10. I baby my bags.
  11. My monogram speedy is a boy:nuts: ,and my damier speedy is a girl:love:. I take good care of my bags,my parents,and my friends know my desinger obession. My friend makes a joke to me when I die If I can give her my stuff.
  12. Guilty :P :shame:
  13. I baby it when it's new. I'm rougher with them now but they're so durable that I don't need to baby it anymore.
  14. You are all too funny!!! :smile: But I'm just as guilty!! I baby my bags and when they're not in use, they're always tucked away sleeping in their dustbags safe and sound!!! :rolleyes:
  15. I can't wait to get mine because it is already all I ever talk about with DH lol