louis luggage

  1. ive got a beautiful set of lv luggage but im 2 scared 2 take it on a plane incase it gets lost/stolen/damaged?:sad:

    does anyone else have this problem?
  2. No! I think LV made luggage items with the intention of the buyer to USE it!

    What did you get?


    Those are fab!
  3. I have one piece...knowing when I bought it it would get beat up...its never been lost...just beaten...I will not use LV luggage for major travel ever again!!(maybe Gucci..JUST KDDING!! LOL)
  4. ive got a keepall 60-the carryall and the excursion
  5. I think that you should use it! That's what it's for :yes:
  6. I understand! The way they handle luggage is terrifying! They just throw them around. But if you have a keepall, you can use it as carry-on luggage. For the bigger ones that need to be checked in, you can wrap them in clear plastic. But you really should use them. It's a shame to have such fantastic luggage and not use them.
  7. I'd use it for carryon ONLY!!!:p Those people THROW your bag into the plane!! haha
  8. i know i wantto recieve at my destination with chic luggage.

    but i would be so upset if something happened. My mum also made the point they would be TARGETS for theft and feels i would be lucky 2 get 2 my destination and still have them
  9. Awesome! Do you have any pics of your new luggage? :nuts:
  10. i will post pics asap
  11. I'd use it only as a carry on, cause if you let it go with all the luggage it will be noticed even more and people will see $$$$ sign on it..
    and might try to steal it or from it etc..and plus on that the bad handling.
  12. Congratulations louis luggage is very durable.
  13. congrats :yahoo: can't wait to see the pics
  14. I agree! The best time to use it is on travel - you'll get alot of stares as the luggage makes its rounds on the luggage carousel! :lol:
  15. i brought my Monogram Carryall to Manhattan with me a month ago, and even though i was extremely tempted to check it in with my suitcase, i decided to bring it as carryon luggage. if you use it as carryon it will be safe, because it'll be with you on the plane in the overhead compartment