louis lOVERS!!! Need your help,...

  1. Did anyone ever shop at Sacbelle.com? They claim their lv's are seconds or "outlet" quality, but 100% real. Any info would be helpful I am dying for the Hudson bag!:blink:
  2. LV does not sell "seconds" or "outlet quality" items. The ONLY place to buy new authentic LV from an online store is eLuxury. I wouldn't buy anything on this site.

    You posted this in the authentification section - I thought you were talking about a seller on eBay!

    This site also uses stock photos - probably lifted from eLux. Stay away!
  3. Fake..the only authentic place to purchase is eluxury.com,and ebay(mypoupette sellers)
  4. There are also a few auth LV re-sellers that have their own online stores.
  5. The important thing to remember is what was already posted here: LV does not have "seconds" or "overstock" or "outlet" pieces. Anybody who claims to be selling such things should be viewed with extreme suspicion.
  6. 2 words: STAY AWAY!
  7. Louis Vuitton has second but it's for LV employees only , they have a sale every 3 months. They get a list of the bags available , those bags are usually display bags. They have 80% off the retail price, not every style are on the list and sometimes there is only 1 piece by styles. If they purchase something it is count on their quotta.

    And they usually (I would!) keep the bags for them.
  8. they actually get UP TO 80% off. not all pieces are 80% off.

    and LV employees are not allowed to resell the pieces they bought.