Louis lovers don't hate me for the q's i ask


Can you tell a real from knock off w/o looking inside?

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  1. Okay I love most of the LV bags...BUt here is my q..other than the obvious of carrying a real bag...what makes all the LV bags better than a REALLY well made knock off? I have a real louis and I was given a really well made knock off. Will you please tell me why I should buy the real one to replace the knock off? I mean the monogram isn't even leather....talk to me!
  2. Perhaps you should do some searching around the forums. You will find a lot of information about the criminal and illegal activity that knock offs support.
  3. @shiba okay that's a good reason! Although I just got back from China and "legit" companies can "legally" make their workers work as if it's criminal.
  4. That's up to you on whether you want a knockoff or the real deal. If you want a knockoff, you're on the wrong forum!
  5. Not sure what you are saying. But even if these manufacturers act as legit companies, it is still illegal to sell counterfit items.
  6. :yes:
    And in addition, NO fake is a good fake, it might look authentic to the untrained eye, but to more experienced LV lovers, it'll be very obvious that it's fake.

  7. Why would one to pretend something that is not authentic to be the real thing ? :graucho:
  8. @no no I was referencing more of unfair labor practices that are "legal" in other countries....
    @ girlsgottashop...as I stated before I am aware of the knockoff/genuine argument, but I guess my question is more of just looking at both wellmade knockoff vs. genuine Louis canvas monogram is there a huge difference in quality? (I am also aware of Louis craftsmanship) which is hard to mimic, but when wearing either bag occasionally does anyone have stories of pro or con?
  9. There will always be something with the fakes that isn't quite right. And in addition, though it may look "good" (I use this term loosely) from the outside, you will never be able to have LV even touch, should it need fixed (which it will at some point).
    Honestly, I really think it will be hard to find support on here for carrying fakes along with your authentic pieces as this forum is VERY anti-fake.

    Also, I read your poll wrong and checked the wrong option; I should have checked the first one.
  10. What I love most about LV is the history and heritage of the brand. You won't get that buying a fake, though I understand of course that for those who love the look/prestige but can't afford the real thing a fake is often their only means of having something like that.

    With regards to the counterfeit industry, regardless of specific workers' laws in other countries, the production of a fake rather than 'inspired' piece (must be 15% different in Australia) is still illegal due to the worldwide validity of patent and copyright laws. Fashion and handbag counterfeiting has been strongly linked to providing funding for terrorist organisations too, which is another reason to steer clear. You may consider it harmless to buy a fake LV at a market from some friendly local seller, but that bag may have been produced in sweatshop conditions, sold through organisations that may use the funds for terrorist or other unlawful gains, and your local market lady is just the final stop after passing through many middlemen's hands prior to your purchase.

    The heritage and history of the fake LV is nothing like that of the original, regardless of comparable appearances. :tdown:
  11. if you look closely at a fake next to an authentic, you can tell the difference in the quality of the canvas (the monogram printing, the feel of it). also, the vachetta is a dead giveaway, no matter how "good" the quality of the fake is.

    but what it comes down to is if you're looking to "deceive" a regular person, then your (in general terms of course :smile:) mission is accomplished. but to people who know and love LV, don't be surprised to get odd stares and such.
  12. THANKS ladies for all your input! Now I know what to do with the knockoff! I figured it was a good idea to go to the louis lovers : ) I can def afford the real, so I should buy the real, but as I said in my profile....I'm just learning about the world of lovely handbags and you are all GREAT teachers!
  13. (heavy sigh) not this again.
  14. p.s. lvbabydoll, your collection is amazing!!!!! off topic, but is your chanel purse with chain comfy on the shoulders after it has a few items in it? sorry I tried to reply to your collection thread, but my page froze.
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