Louis had a date with Tiffany today in Dallas (with pics!!)...

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  1. So some of you know i now live in oklahoma :tdown: and am shopping deprived!! :crybaby:So my bf came down for my birthday :yahoo:(im 24 now...YUCK!) and took me to dallas to get in a good dose of shopping!! :smile:

    Can you guess what i bought??

    [img>]"http://us.a2.yahoofs.com/users/43c42d4czc859ce85/fc37re2/__sr_/f2d1re2.jpg?phIPkYGBv6WmzTPI" [/img]

    btw, sorry for the awful pics! Hotel room lighting + phone camera = crappy pics!!!

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  2. :huh:OH CONGRATS!!
  3. I can't see anything.
  4. open... open... open...:drool:
  5. The mumbai travel book...i'm originally from india so this was just WAY to cute to pass up!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Hopefully you guys will too!!

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  6. my mini speedy...when they said mini they meant MINI!! It is so darn cute though!! I put a little tiffanys box by it so u can see how tiny it is!! It's going to look so cute inside my noe!!

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  7. My Multicolore Pastilles Key Chain!! I love this piece! I love how versatile it is!! I can clip it to the bag, or in the bag to hold it secure or even wear it as a braclet!! Its like the girls version of transformers heheh :P

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  8. Ok this is no big deal, but i thought these were SO darn cute!! they are post it notes from LV!!! hehe shhhh dont tell anyone but they are in my gucci planner ;)

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  9. NOW my tiffany's goodies...I know they arnt lv but i thought id share anyways! :smile:

    First up is my new bookmark...its silver and i lover her!

    Second, a black onyx toggle braclet

    third a pen for my planner

    forth a scarf for my noe hehe

    fifth everything together!!

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  10. Here is my noe with my LVoe scarf and then the tiffanys one...yeah the LVoe was getting a little bit ruined from the constant tieing it up and i love it WAY to much soooo i got the tiffanys one, its super cheap ($50) and i love the pop of color it gives the noe!! :smile:

    AND my fav thing i got tonight...the cutest bottle of water my SA at tiffanys gave me hahaha i dont know im sure you all have gotten tons of these, but it was my first and the design is WAY to cute..i LOVE IT!

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  11. Happy Birthday!:yahoo:Looks like you had a great shopping trip- love your mini speedy and the pastilles and that yummy Tiffany scarf. :nuts:
    Lovely purchases.
  12. Sorry i promise last one... but i also got the cutest pair of summery shoes and a cute top :smile:

    thats it!!!

    DID YOU GUYS LIKE EVERYTHING??? I wanted to get another bag, but my mom said noooooooooo more handbags! :smile:

    i hope everyone liked everything!!

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  13. Happy Birthday and congrats on all the goodies, both LV and Tiffany purchases. I love the Tiffany Scarf and LV Multicolore Pastilles Key Chain! Great buys!
  14. i love the water bottle and the tiffany scarf, and as always congrats on all your LV goodies, and a belated happy birthday!!
  15. Congrats on all you new cute things