Louis goes with everything?

  1. Is it really OK to carry your brown mono shoulder bags with everything, even light summer clothes? I'm not sure how it would look with a yellow & white summer dress.
  2. i wear mine with every colour it especially looks good with a white dress. u can wear lvs with anything so dont worry about it, just rock it.
  3. I agree! :tup:
  4. LV can be worn with anything I believe. Mono will look good with almost any outfit. All except with a hot pink jacket over a bright green shirt with neon orange boots lol.
  5. that's a good question!

    i think LV looks beautiful w/ yellow! monogram will work with all color palates because the bags are considered to be neutral. i wear mine with every color imaginable.
  6. i wear mine with everything too!
  7. I rock my Mono bags with literally any style :p
  8. ITA! the only way it wouldn't match is if your outfit is a mess. lol
  9. totally agree.:yes::tup:
  10. It goes with everything. I wouldn't wear it with black tie, though, unless you have a dressy Mono bag like the Accessories Pouchette.
  11. classic LV Monogram canvas is quite versatile. try not to think about matching and coordinating too much. just have a go. eventually you will see it as a neutral item just like denim.
  12. it is pretty neutral and goes with practically every colour, however with colours like light pink I found it didn't go to well, it looked too dark (white looks great with it however) so I got a pearl rosewood for those sorts of colours, but it is incredibly versatile and goes with so much!!
  13. I was wondering this too! I always have a tendency to change between brown-based (or other neutrals) and black purses depending on what I'm wearing, but on the same token I hate doing it! I tend to be a one-purse kind of gal, so this is good news!
  14. I wear LV with everything
  15. I was wondering the same!
    I want to buy a Pochette next to my Mono Speedy but I can't decide between Mono, Azur and MC... MC is so expensive and I like Mono better than Azur, but I worry it might look stupid with especially blue!