Louis flowers = Egyptian symbol

  1. I'm not so sure about this one. I read somewhere in there. Can someone tell me more, please? Much appreciated.
  2. The Birth of Modern Luxury:
    Stars and four-petal flowers like those featured in the monogram canvas appeared fifteen centuries earlier in Kairo Egypt also the motif appears in in numerous civil and religious medieval, Gothic and neo gothic monuments through out Europe. It is a universal pattern.
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  4. very cool! i really want that book...
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    But I thought LV monogram pattern was Japanese-inspired?
  6. A lot of these basic shapes can be found in many cultures throughout history.


    The LV flower reminds me of this symbol from the heidi klum jewelry that I have:

    The Heidi Klum Collection is a dazzling line of fine jewelry designed by Supermodel Heidi Klum. The collection was inspired by one of Heidi's visits to Italy during which she was intrigued by a clover-patterned marble inlay at the Duomo in Milan. Heidi envisioned the clover as an adornment piece and expressed her desire to incorporate the symbol into the design of a jewelry line.
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  8. that basic shape is called a quatrefoil by the way ;)
  9. I love her jewelry! I have a really cute necklaces with that clover at different stations.
  10. I love those, seen them on Heidi too!
  11. I didn't know that at all! Thank you for sharing that. Also, that info just pushed me over the edge - I am def. buying The Birth of Modern Luxury now!
  12. I have one of Heidi Klum's pieces, too. I wear it so much; it reminds me of lv with all the clovers.
  13. I love that Heidi Klum pendant!
  14. ^Cool! Thanks!

    Is Heidi Klum jewelry only available online at this website?