Louis fashion mistake?

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  1. Is it OK to wear your Louis with pastels? I love my mono petit noe with my winter browns & tans but what about pastels? Leaving for Vegas Mar.6 and I'm sure it will be warmer so planning to take a few bright colors. Can I carry my bag with say.. Aqua Blue Jacket & white pants,shoes outfit? I think yellow would be OK..how about purple? I'm just not sure and don't want to be the idiot everyone's staring at LOL. Thanks
  2. LV mono ( or any other style) goes with anything, anytime, anywhere!
  3. i've always thought as mono to be a neutral piece that goes with any color.
  4. You may get some more help in the main forum! ;)
  5. The mono is a a neutral and goes with anything. I wouldnt be worried. Looking good is all about how you carry yourself. Theres no real set of rules saying you can only wear this with that. Its fashion have fun with it. :biggrin:
  6. I agree. Mono goes with practically any colour.
  7. Mono goes with anything! Go ahead!
    Regina :tup:
  8. It goes with any colour, but I wouldn't wear it to a funeral or a very formal party.
  9. Mono goes with everything!
  10. I think that mono looks amazing with almost everything, especially with pastel colours
  11. Mono goes with anything in my opinion. Enjoy your trip! :biggrin:
  12. Totally agree!!! :tup:
  13. ita!
  14. i'll second that.
  15. I agree with everyone else...mono goes with everything!

    Have a great trip!