Louis Boston - 50% Off Sale (including Handbags, Shoes, etc.)

  1. Any of you who live in the Boston (MA) area [or environs] ... get there toute-suite!! :yahoo:

    LOTS and LOTS of Handbags on sale ...
    --> Henry Beguelin
    --> Marni
    --> Balenciaga

    Mind you, the Balenciaga was pretty picked over by the time I got there (which was about 1:00pm !!). They did still have the medium-sized Ink Hook bag, 2 Calcaire Pony Firsts, 2 Olive Pony Firsts and quite a few of the natural leather bags (travel, twiggy-sized, etc.).

    This sale draws SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people from all over the country and overseas (I felt like I wasn't in the States!).

    TONS and TONS of designer clothing too ... Balenciaga, premium Denim brands (Blue Blood, Goldsign, Neil Barrett, etc.).

    NOTE: Alas, most of the sizes are small (including shoes - they go up to size 40 only), but for you smaller-boned gals, there is a TON of goodies.

  2. Thanks for the tip ceejay! How much were the Balenciagas discounted?? can we call in orders or is it in-store only?