louis bags as "kids" carry everything bag?

  1. do anybody else use their speedy or noe as a diaper carry everything for the kids bag?;)
  2. I don't have any kids but I have seen Angelina Jolie use her Cabas Mezzo as a diaper bag. It looked very nice and stylish.
  3. I dont have a kid, But if i did i would use a Mini Lin Noe.
  4. i don't have kids yet, but I use my bags to tote around my chi's stuff.
  5. I do use my speedy 30 to tote some kids stuff around. Now that my youngest is 18 months, I don't have to carry that much with me anymore. I usually carry 2 diapers, wipes, some snacks and her water/juice. If you have younger ones and need to carry more stuff than it probably wouldn't work out too well.
  6. I use my BH for that purpose.
  7. I am having my 3rd baby and just finally decided on the neverfull mm...it should be arriving by the end of the week...
  8. my girls are 3 and 1 so just a diapers, wipes, cups my mini lysol for bathroom.;)
  9. I've been using my Neverfull MM..It's great for this purpose! :yes:
  10. I use my Bat Hor and my SO Damier Mezzo! They are perfect. Couldnt dream of using the speedy for a baby, I have to be hands free!
  11. i agree, it is much easier to have a bag that goes on your shoulder with kids...the speedy would be tough...for me at least.
  12. Have not posted in ages but just wanted to say that my Petit Noe in black epi is my diaper bag because the lining pulls away from the inside and is washable (handy for bottle spills) and the strap is adjustable so it fits over stroller handles. It still looks great after 2 years of pre-baby winter use and 14 months as a diaper bag.
  13. I'll use Neverfull MM/GM or Petit Noe if i have kids ;)
  14. I'm currently using a large Noe, and I've found it to be great for this purpose. I can use it as a shoulder bag or a cross-body bag with another strap I own. And you can carry a TON in it!