Louis and my Lilly

  1. My new Speedy came today, Lilly just makes it look even more cute!:love:
  2. Oh thats too cute!
  3. How adorable!
  4. That is a nice color in that bag.....
  5. awwww that's so adorable!!!
    so the dog comes with the bag huh...:amuse:
  6. Awwwww......I just wanna hug both of them! Ha!
  7. your puppy is super cute!
  8. Awww, your dog (and bag) is adorable!
  9. Thank you...she fit in the neo better than my speedy 30 perf..she got lost in that one! She is getting her ears done next week so I thought I would get a few pics "before"!!
  10. I love the bag...but I love that puppy more she is soooo cute:love: :love: I'm the biggest dog fan but I live in an apartment so I can't have one. I'll be moving into my new condo in about a year then I'm gonna get a puppy. Lilly is so cute and she has great taste just like her mommy:biggrin: What bread is lilly?
  11. awww, it's just too cute.
  12. She is a min pin..and thanks she is a doll...oh and the bag is just okay...I will probly carry it a few times and sell it! I ordered it yesterday on the 866 number and when it came today it came in its dustbags and in a lv bag, inside a box.All my others have always come in a LV box (then a packing box). Strange.
  13. Aww! Gorgeous bag and adorable dog.
  14. Darling bag and darling dog. What a perfect combo.
  15. Aww.. that is just too adorable, especially with the tiny dog ! :biggrin: