Loud Neighbor??

  1. My goodness! I am sitting here as we speak *vibrating* lol....my neighbor has their music that loud!! I don't wanna call the cops but I mean come on!!!! We live in townhomes and it's 9:30 at night!! and all i can hear is "booom!! BOOM booom!!!" Do you think the cops would tell him who called? I don't want them to hate us and do it even more you know?? Last time I even tried playing the Spice Girls really loud but that made him turn his music up even louder lol!!:wtf:
  2. I go through this everyday!! I just gave in and bought earplugs, Is it normal that I can hear the words to the songs shes playing thats how loud the music is? no joke justin timberlake. and fergie's big girls dont cry, ridicioulous! and she has a 4 or 5 yr old in there how about some ear plugs for him!! I can seriously feel the vibrations everyday!
  3. Have you tried talking to them?

  4. Oh man that is horrible! You should go buy William Hungs album and blast it back Haha!!!! "she bangs she bangs!!!" It's one thing to play it loud but to play it so loud everything vibrates i mean come on! shes gonna make the poor kid deaf before he turns 6!
  5. Yeah they are super duper nice...they turn the music off before 10pm but the thing is my fiance works nights and needs to be sleeping during the day...makes me mad that they don't think about that :tdown:
  6. Legally, they can play music until 10pm. So they are within the law. I think on the weekend it is until midnight.
  7. LOL, just confront them. If they don't do anything about it then call the cops.

    My friend lives in a semi-detached and her neighbours are real scumbags. One summer I was talking to the phone with her and it was 1am. She was asking me whether she should call the cops since the neighbours were blasting their dance beats full blast. I told her go talk to them first (even though it is still justified to call the cops because HELLO IT IS 1AM). She did that while putting me on hold. They turned it down for like 5 minutes. Then when it started again, I told her to call the cops. When the cops arrived, the music was turned off and the dirtbags were told to keep it off for the rest of the night and were given a warning. The next day my friend informs me that her mailbox that was attached to her house had been ripped off and trampled and was now laying on her lawn.
  8. Be glad you don't hear the fabulous noise of rhythmic squeaking...I think my upstairs neighbors must be rabbits. :lol:

    Ah, the joys of apartment living!
  9. ^^ oh man!!! lol
  10. No, the cops will NOT tell him who called. They will only say something like "We've gotten a report that your music is too loud, turn it down". Possibly also say something about disturbing the peace citation if they have to come out there again.

    I'd call. Even if legally they can play it loud until a certain time like ten PM, there is still a nuisance ordaince in most residentual areas in the US. Call the police and ask them.

    Luckily where I live, we have managers who also live here, it's law in complexes with more than 15 units to have on-site managers. I don't have a problem with my upstairs neighbor with loud music, probably because it is a relative of the managers, but I do once in awhile have to call them because there's cars blocking my carport, or someone's kid is screaming in the laundry room. (my dining room faces it, normal doings in there I expect, but screaming kids playing in there is a no-no).

    Good luck!
  11. I'm listening tto my neighbour playing kanye's stronger now! They are having a blast partying and it makes me so annoyed! They even had fireworks earlier on! I don't dare to confront them since there are so many of them, sigh i guess i just need to bear with it tonight and hope that they get drunk soon!
  12. i would say call the cops first. if you go talk to them and have to call the cops later, they'll know it was you.

    this was my biggest pet peeve when i lived in apartments.
    i once live in brand new apartments, paid a pretty high rent, all to have my neighbors music be blasting at all hours of the night. my bedroom was on the opposite end of the apartment where the two apartments connected and i could still feel the bass! of course i never had the guts to do anything, but i wish i did. either i moved out first or they did, i can't remember.

    now i live in a house and my neighbors occasionally play loud music (right next door and across the street) but they're pretty good about it. usually it's only during the day. one night the next door neighbors had it going pretty loud late at night but i'm pretty sure the kid's parents weren't home. so i gave them a break and it was a weekend and i didn't have to get up early.

    i also had cars blasting music late at night... it shakes everything. ugh!
  13. My boyfriends downstairs neighbors were horrible. Slamming their door so hard it would knock things off OUR walls, playing horrible music that scared our cats to death.The music wasn't the main problem but the bass is what was the worst. When we asked them to turn their bass down the woman cussed us out in front of her little kids and threatened "to get us" if we kept bugging with her. Being 18 that set off our revenge mode so we did the same things to but we had the advantage because we had the upstairs. Thinking back it was pretty dumb but I always find it funny how when we would play our music loud she would get offended as if she was so nice a quiet. I ended up calling Child protective services after we moved out because I heard her cussing out her 4 and 7 year old, some of the things I heard her say to her kids were things I wouldn't say to my worst enemy. Plus she had 8 kids in a 2 bedroom and 3 more that didn't live in the house, only visited.

    His new neighbors are nice except on thursdays they like to party, we ended up calling the cops last week because there were drunk people in the halls making out and falling down the stairs. I was afraid someone was going to get really hurt, they were all very wasted. I talked to them later though and they apologized profusely.

    I guess if you don't think talking to them will help then just call the cops.
  14. Yeah, whats up with that? My parents new neighbors have people come over that just sit in their driveway with the loudest music ever blasting.They are nice besides that but it's just really weird. It's a big shock from the the really nice quiet family that lived there.
  15. The cops won't do a thing if they're within the law.

    It never ceases to amaze me how inconsiderate ppl are, though. I lived in my previous apt for 3 years. During that time, I held 2 larger parties that I thought might be louder than a normal dinner party. I made sure to inform my neighbors the week before, so that they'll be prepared and make other arrangements if they thought the noise would be too bothersome. I also invited them to the party, of course.

    But I never received the same courtesy in return. :shrugs:

    Skin, I think you'll have to invest in earplugs. :push: