Louboutins only suitable for narrow feet?

  1. I was at a department store today trying out Louboutins and they seem very narrow at the toes and quite uncomfortable (granted, the size I tried was a bit smaller than I usually wear because they didn't have my size, and my feet wouldn't fit at all, and even if they had my size I didn' think they would fit either). My feet aren't exactly wide though! Has anyone else had this experience? Do they have sizes with larger widths? I really want a pair...
  2. i think that it may depend on the style too. i usually wear 37s but my louboutin slingbacks are sized 38.5 (which is the size that fits me).
  3. I have med width feet and so far I wear a half size larger than my ususal shoe size, just as I do with Manolos and Choos.
  4. yeah i had this problem too when i went to try on a few pairs the first time. i tried on some pointy toe pumps and felt like the side of my feet were falling out of the side of the shoes. i asked the SA if there were any other CLs that were slightly wider and she essentially said something to the effect of, "maybe CLs are just not for you"...even though i don't have wide feet (i think) and have always fit fine into any other shoes. so bizarre. maybe it is a sizing issue. i asked the SA whether it may fit the width if i went up a size, and she said no it would too uncomfortable because the shoe would be too long and the heel part would keep sliding off, which i can imagine to be true.

    so yeah....i have temporarily given up on CLs. it felt like an embarassing experience, like....you're just not good enough for CL. HUMPH!
  5. I have the same situation. I go 1/2 up to a full size depending on the style and material (ie. patent).

  6. First of all, do not ever go back to that SA. LOL He/she seemed was definitely rude. One time a sales associate told my sister that a Rolex she was trying on was only for those with small wrists. And, honestly my sister's wrists are normal, if anything I have bigger wrists! :graucho: Needless to say, my sister walked out of the store and purchased one elsewhere. LOL Some people are just idiots and do need your commission especially.

    And, I often size up so my feet aren't spilling out of the sides, and then just place an insert in. That solves any sizing problems for me usually. So, maybe try that next time! It won't work for every style, but so far it has worked like a charm. I like having a little extra breathing room, especially in pointed toe CLs.

    I have realized that there is usually very little difference insole wise with CLs, it comes down to the width and toe box all the time for me. Hope that helps! Don't give up on Mr. Louboutin. :roflmfao:
  7. i say tray 1 size up if i have the money i am not going to let a sales lady tell me something is not for me i have wide feet and i would just try on every CL till i find one that fits
  8. I think I saw somewhere on this forum where you can get CLs custom made, try giving them a call and ask. There are alot of celebs wearing CLs and I know some of them have a wider foot.
  9. I have wider feet too! I only have one pair of CL's but went up a 1/2 size and they fit ok. I know what you mean though. I can forget about any Blahniks, too narrow for me!
  10. Thanks so much for the advice! Will try going up some sizes and adding an insert (by the looks of it I would have to go up quite a few!) Unfortunately I live in Hong Kong, and the department store has a limited range of CLs. I would love to have custom made shoes, though unfortunately there are no CL stores in Hong Kong. It probably would be out of my budget range anyway... I wonder how comfy they are! Thanks again for the replies! :smile:
  11. hi gucciabbey
    try the on pedder in central. there's a larger range of shoes and the SA may be able to help to get a custom made one. mr.louboutin just visited HK months ago and appeared there also.
    my feet is wide, i can fit manolo perfectly but just few styles of louboutins. i can fit the yoyo zeppas, but def not pigalle..
  12. Oh yes! Thanks... I forgot about On Pedder... I've been there once and they do have quite a large range.. I usually go to Lane Crawford. Thanks a lot!
  13. Good luck. I am sure you will find a shoe and once you do you will find more! I find CLs to be narrow in the toe area, so try to find a style that works for you. Believe me, you will.
  14. I agree with ashakes, don't go back to that rude SA!!

    Pigalles and the like feel a bit odd on my feet as I think the toebox is too short (material wise) so it feels like if I walk to briskly that my feet are going to fall out of them. I have narrow feet too!

    gucciabbey, what models of CLs were you trying?
  15. My feet aren't the most narrow and they work for me. I just size up and all is well. I actually find them pretty comfortable.

    To the PP, I sized up a full size in a pair of prive slingbacks and they fit perfectly.