Louboutins On sale at Saks!

  1. too small or too big for me :crybaby::crybaby:but awesome deals for whoever gets them!!!
  2. I *think* and *hope* my order goes through... I purchased the Som1 (the black pumps with the silver heel). Can't wait, hope it fits!
  3. Wow! Very classy shoe, beautiful choice...

    Looks like the Som1 are gone now too!
  4. Oh darn, I missed out! What size were the Som1's?
  5. AHHH!! The pump's soold outttt.
  6. ack! everything is gone..sooo pretty!
  7. Thanks for sharing! I got these

    I love the look and hope I can handle the heels.
  8. the Som1 is back up in size 8.5......
  9. The pump is perfect...too bad it sold out!! Kiley
  10. i got them (i hope...)!
  11. Oh no, how are they gone already?? :crybaby:
  12. how much were the booties?