Louboutins on sale at barneys.com

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  1. I had just looked at Barneys in the morning and they didn't have them on sale... too bad the ones I want are not in my size :sad:
  2. some pretty good deals! thanks!
  3. awww...nothing in my size.... thanks for posting it!!!
  4. i actually said "oh my god" out loud. these are dirt cheap prices for louboutins!!! thank you!
  5. They don't ship to Canada...SOB! :crybaby:
  6. Thank you sooooo much! I got the Leopard Rolando slings. I also got the patent leopard Prives or Pigalles. (Not sure what they're called.) Then I realized that they have the same heels as the imfamous $280 NM yoyo slings. So, I had to cancel them because I can't deal with those skinny heels. But can't wait to get my Rolandos! Such a great deal!
  7. Thanks!!!!!
    I got the Vamp in black....now im tepmted to get the Rolande in leopard.
  8. Uggh, nothing in my size! :sad:
    Thank you though
    Do you think I can wear size 6 in 100mm Pigalle (leopard) they have? I'm normally a size 5. I looked through the sizing guide sticky but I am not sure about this particular material?
  9. The 100 leopard Pigalle runs pretty much TTS for me.
  10. The ones I want are not on sale, but I don't need to get anymore shoes right now! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Ahhhhhhh I wish I were in the US...