Louboutins interpreted as art...

  1. Here are some photos I came across and thought you gals might like to see as well. (..at the bottom of post) (Christian Louboutin / David Lynch Cocktail Party)

    Also, here's a cute little interview:

    Louboutins interpreted as art.jpg CL David Lynch.jpg CL David Lynch2.jpg CL David Lynch3.jpg CL David Lynch4.jpg
  2. I love this. Such a poetic interview!

    Thanks for posting it butterfly*
  3. I just love CL more and more and more and more ...
  4. t4 sharing
  5. Thanks for sharing!

  6. yes, very poetic! I do like his shoes more now that I'm hearing things he has to say about them.
  7. me too! he sure is a PR genius as well as a gifted designer:p
  8. I always have thought of CL shoes as art.

    I think a lot of modern culture is about being "too busy" or "too practical" to enjoy appreciating art, including music, books, literature. I love to go to D.C. and wander the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museam, and Baltimore's Walter's Art Museam. My husband luckily likes modern art too. I think sometimes he thinks I'm a nut, but then when I compare one of the LE Fendi B-bags or a fendi shoe to a Calder mobile he (sort of) gets what I'm talking about. I mean, let's face it, a mobile is a mobile; you hang one over your baby's crib to make it laugh or to distract it when you're changing a diaper. But when it's hanging in the Hirshhorn Museam it's an incredible work of art. I can see why designers like CL and Diane Von Furstenberg (and heck, John Guilliano (sp?) and even Marc Jacobs feel they are creating "art" for the human body. Every artists' goal is to make a visual statement about something they feel.
  9. I :heart: Louboutin, the man and the creations.
    And DVF? She's saved a half-awake, half-drunk me from fashion faux pas many a time with her no-fail dresses. Kudos to her!