Louboutins - Info, Please!

  1. Hi all,

    I'm interested in buying a pair of Louboutins because I love the styles and loads of celebs wear them and talk about them as thier favourite shoes (even more than Blahniks and Choos, which is clearly saying something!). :yes:
    There is something alluring about those red soles too! :love:

    Anyway, I was wondering whether anybody has any info on them that might be helpful for me, e.g. what styles are particularly good, prices and, most importantly for me, DO THEY HURT? :shrugs:

    Obviously, if loads of celebs are wearing them, he must be doing something right, so i wondered whether they hurt less or something. :shrugs:

    Any help would be appreciated!
    Many thanks in advance!! :flowers:
  2. I think the Lova ones are gorgeous (5 inch heels). They are still in stores for $575-$595 (but on eBay for $800+).

    They also make the perfect 3.5 inch black pumps for $495-$510 (depending on where you buy them). They are extremely popular so you will probably have to order them from the store.

    I think those two shoes are the best, price-wise, for Louboutins.
  3. The red soles are really what makes Louboutins different from the other designers out there. Just a word of caution about the red soles though: they are slick as the dickens! It's just painted red, the leather isn't dyed red. If you have any Choos or Manolos, you know the soles are a soft sort of flannel feeling finish so you can pretty well walk on them right from the beginning. With Louboutins, you really need to scuff up the sole or take them to a cobbler to put one of those traction gizmos on them.

    Comfort? Ha Ha! What's that? Louboutin does NOT put any sort of cushioning in his shoes, at least none I've had, so if you go for the skyscrapers, I hope you have a high threshold for pain.

    Frankly, I think Louboutins are highly over-rated and only popular b/c Sex in the City and celebrity types wearing them. I bought because I loved the signature red soles, but I'm not a "celeb watcher" so there you go.
  4. in spite of all of the celeb hype... which may be a good or bad thing, depending on the person, i think louboutin makes a GORGEOUS classic shoe. i have so many black shoes from him, all 4"+ high and each one just has something special about it. in choosing a shoe, however, first of all... most of the high heels DO hurt, but i guess if you have a really narrow foot, maybe it won't hurt as much. the decolettes are a model to avoid if comfort is a concern. i love the shape and i'm just a shoe addict, so i have a couple pairs, but they DO run extremely small and are quite painful at times (even the salespeople at the boutiques will tell you that). their classic shoes pointed toe shoes run alot bigger and are usually less painful. i find the price range usually runs about $495-$710, unless its a really special shoe made of some exotic material or with some special detailing. oh and also, if you're interested in the platform peeptoe style that's all over the place right now... avoid the yoyo if you don't have very narrow feet. i think the prives have a slightly more generous toe box than the yoyos
  5. I agree with pinkpirate. I do love Manolos but there is something so different about the Louboutin - they make a jean and tshirt look great. The decollettes can be quite painful and I have found that I don't wear those as much but the Helmut is a dorsay pump that doesn't look stuffy and is quite comfortable.
  6. Thanks guys!
    I have really (and I mean really,) narrow feet and sometimes its v hard to find shoes that won't fall off, so it might be better that Louboutins cater for small feet.
    I look so funny in some shoes - I look like a little girl trying to walk in her mothers shoes!!
  7. i thinkl the Miss ticks are very comfortable
  8. Very Prive is hot at the moment. It is similar to yoyo zeppa with covered platform. Comes in Suede and patent. This is what I am going to get soon!!!
  9. Does anybody know if Helmut pumps are still sold at Christian Louboutin shops?
  10. scuffing the soles deliberately would break my heart :crybaby:

    Prada Psycho 'take them to a cobbler to put one of those traction gizmos on them.' ..

    :confused1: traction gizmo?

  11. These are what I like to use. You can buy them (or similar brands) at Shoe Carnival or other place that sells shoe supplies. I've put them on my Guccis and they work just fine. A cobbler can put something like ultram(I think that's what it's called) on the sole of the shoe as well, but I like these. You can get them in different colors/sizes. I always swipe the sole with an alcohol pad to make sure it's clean, let that dry and attach the Sure Sole. It also advises that you let it set for 24 hours minimum. So far, so good. You still get some scuffing on the uncovered area, but it's much nicer than either scuffing the sole itself or falling on your tush! You have to use it on a brand new, unworn shoe though. They won't stick if you've had the shoe out and the sole is rough.

    Sure Sole Shoe Pads at Stevens Clogging Supplies

  12. Nice advice. Thank you for sharing
  13. Thanx Prada Psycho!!!!!
  14. ^^^Happy to help! :smile:

    Actually, this reminds me that I have a new pair of Gucci pumps I got this summer (for the fall season) that I need to stick these on. It's going to be closed shoe season soon enough! ;)
  15. i actually have the cobbler put a protector on the soles. you can still see the red sole from the side angle because the heels are red:biggrin:

    as for styles...i love my black horatio's to death! i could walk a marathon in them because they are THAT comfy! they are relatively low tho...i think around 2.5-3 inches? and they look great with a suit or with jeans. i own another pair of 4 inch strappy evening louboutins and they are NOT comfy at ALL. i've worn them once and they are now sitting in a box.

    i'd go for the horatios (i bought them for $375 cuz i have a Saks employee discount...i think it's $495 + tax without) because they are comfy, classic and they offer great toe clevage..hee hee!