Louboutins in Seattle?

  1. I will be in Seattle next week... are there stores or boutiques that carry Louboutin in or around the city? Any advice/tips welcome!!
  2. I remember from when I lived in Seattle that Barney's in downtown carried Louboutins.
  3. I've only found Barney's. I think the smallest they usually carry is size 6? They don't have that big of a selection though.
  4. In addition to Barneys, the downtown Nordstrom now also has a limited selection of Louboutins. You should also go to Marios (1513 6th Ave - about 1/2 block from Barneys and Nordies). Their selection is, unfortunately, also somewhat limited.
  5. thank you, ladies...now in Seattle, so will check out Barney's, Nordstrom and Mario's. (And any additional suggestions!)