Louboutins in Paris


Jun 3, 2007
Does anyone know if Louboutins are cheaper to purchase within France? I'm going to be there in October and wondering if it's worth the effort to look for some since my time there will be short. TIA


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Dec 19, 2006
I went to one of the boutiques there over a week ago and didn't find that it was necessarily that much cheaper. The value of the dollar is low there. You might be able to save in taxes, if you're a not a European citizen.

The selection was not that much different from what you find at Neiman Marcus or Saks or Barneys, etc. I noticed only a few differences in what they had available. I actually left the store empty handed.

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Jun 12, 2007
Not likely, considering the exchange rate of the $ versus the Euro. Sales in France run twice a year in February and August, and called "Les Soldes", so you may or may not find Loubous on sale. Having lived in Paris for 2 years, I never ever saw a pair of price reduced Loubous.

However, Saks and Niemans put them on sale all the time...In fact, I just bought a pair of the silver Altaritas for my wedding in October for $298! You can find a better deal here I think...Paris may be the better place for vintage Loubous which wouldn't be easy to find in the US.

Hope this helps. Bonne Chance.