~~~Louboutins in magazines and print!~~~

  1. oooh I like this thread!

    I have a stacks of mags, I'll try to go through them one day and post pix!
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  3. From an XOXO ad campaign. April 2010 Cosmopolitan

    Neon and white Privatitas

  4. I love everything VB wears omg... what are those metal booties called?! :love:

    EDIT: Nevermind, I think they are Bridgets in Silver? WOW
  5. I was just glancing through my Harper's Bazaar Sept. 2011 issue and came across these pics. Model is wearing Daffy in both pics. Now, I want to buy a pair of navy suede Daffy, both dresses and a wind machine :girlsigh:

    Dress: Dolce and Gabbana:


    Dress: Versace:

  6. What a cool thread!!
  7. From Vogue China - Halte


    From Vogue - Super Vic


    From Vogue US - Rollerball Flats


    From Who - Big Lips


    From Vogue Germany - Pigalle

  8. Seen in Japan's Vogue October 2011 issue:

    Model Julia Stegner wearing patchwork python Daffodile:


  9. OMG! Those are beautiful! I don't like the daffs, though, so
    I hope this comes out in other styles! Let me re-phrase that -
    I'm too old for the daffs - they look good on everyone else,
  10. I love this thread. Keep 'em coming ladies!
  11. from marie clarie france
  12. i was told the patchwork python daff won't be produced for the general public amazi :crybaby:
  13. favourite pic i've found in a magazine in person :smile: its from a japanese magazine... forgot it if it was vivi, cancan, or jj but it was for the oct 2011 ^_^

  14. Those pics are fabulous! :love:

    I :hbeat: this thread