~~~Louboutins in magazines and print!~~~

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  2. Naomi & MJ
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  3. Hi

    Wow, i truly love this forum that really talks about in fashion, shoes and everything. I really like it.
    These stuff are awesome.
  4. Fergie in December's Glamour
  5. Another....
  6. I play guitar and have a subscription to Guitar World so I was really excited when I got the mail on Saturday. Guitars and CL's in the same magazine! :rochard:

    Holly Madison wearing Clou Noeud 150mm studded slingbacks.
  7. OMFG... I love the Clou Noeud... love...on the edge of pure, unadulterated lust.
  8. Jessica Alba Elle December
  9. Rihanna .... well, Rihanna's feet ;)

  10. Victoria Beckham, Vogue Turkey/August 10

  11. I don't have photos, but I was looking through the new Elle guide to style book the other night and there is a photo of Dita's closet w/ her CLs! :nuts:
  12. Holly Madison wearing Clou Noeud 150mm studded slingbacks.


    Photo scanned from Guitar World 2011 Holiday Gear Preview Issue.
  13. Bravo- this thread is so sick!!!!!!!!

    Live, breathe, eat LOUBS!:woohoo:
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    Here are a couple more:

    these 2 are from the Weddings special Spring 11 issue of California magazine:


    this one's a shot of Dita Von Teese (one of the ultimate CL-loving celebs who's frequently brought up on the boards) in the Feb. 2011 issue of In Style and her closet, of course filled with CLs (I see my beloved Youplis toward the right!):

    OK, I tried everything I could to rotate the pic, but it just isn't working:nuts:
  15. I :heart: this thread! :love: