Louboutins in London?

  1. Good morning Ladies

    A question for the London gals - where, apart from CL shop in Motcomb Street and Browns, could I try and buy? CL shop comes with awful reviews about the snobby and pretentious staff.

    Has anyone heard about Mimi in Kensington (googled it but the address is top secret apparently...)?
  2. Hi there!!! I was recently in London and at Harrods there is a shoe boudoir as they call it and it has many pairs of Louboutins. I bought mine there and they were quite nice and helpful. Also at Harvey Nichols the girls were very nice. At Selfridges they had very few pairs and fewer sizes...
  3. Thanks so much! Once my personal Santa (hubby) is back from his trip I'd definitely go there!!
  4. the only other place i would go to is the shop in Harvey Nichols. that is actually the only other one owned by CL himself!
    the harrods is soo dark and unpleasant
  5. Selfridges on Oxford Street also carries CL!

  6. I thought the staff was nice at Harrods last time I was there perusing shoes - not pretentious at all!
  7. Harrods have a larger selection of CL than Harvey Nicks and the staff were very helpful, polite and not pretentious at all.:tup: Shame they didn't have what I wanted. I didn't like Harvey Nicks concession at all, the male SA that happened to be there (it was Saturday) was rude and not knowlegeable at all. I mean if you work there you must know different styles and be able to advise your customers what size to choose - that's how Harrods staff work with customers.

    I called the CL boutique several times - no joy so far. They said they may get some new stock by spring. Wow, pigs may fly...:rolleyes:
    So I've given up hope of getting my CL shoes in London and will try to order them from the States. I gave my husband my Chrstimas wish list with 5 pairs of CL shoes. I wonder whether he'll be able to get at least one pair. Otherwise I'll give him a formal warning...:lol::roflmfao:
  8. Go to Harrods. They will recondition the red soles when they get worn down, but only if purchased there.
  9. I agree, go to Harrods, the SA are always really helpful and nice, plus they have a better selection than Selfridges and Harvey Nics.