Louboutin's - Hot or Not?

  1. this is a no-brainer for me: HOT!
  2. SO hot!
  3. Totally hot! Go for it!
  4. Hot!
  5. Hot! but OUCH!!!
  6. I can't believe they are selling those on eBay. They are still in stores. Retail $595.

    I was considering getting those or the "tuxedo" ones (black satin with white instead of the leopard).

    They are totally hot!
  7. Gorgeous!!
  8. Hot!Hot!Hot!!!!!
  9. yep, I would buy them, but I am a sucker for really high shoes.

    If you are used to walking in high heels, do it, they rock!!! :biggrin:
  10. Definitely hot, but I hope they come with a hot guy for each arm to hold you up. Those look like a broken ankle waiting to happen.:wtf:
  11. Hot!!!
  12. definitly hot, stunning shoes, I could never walk in a 5inch heel! Good for you if you can, go for it!
  13. Those are HOT!!!! But yeah, I agree, OUCH!!! for the price & the high heel!! I have a pair of CL pink patent t-straps & those are 4 inches & OMG I can't wear them unless I'm gonna be sitting most of the night. If I stand in them for more than an hour, I feel like amputating my feet off bc that would be less painful. I'm pretty used to standing & walking in heels too. I even go to the mall in heels! Get them if you can stand the height & the price tag!! If you do, make sure you WORK THEM!!! :wlae::wlae::heart:
  14. Hot! Hot! Hot!
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