Louboutins for only $148 @ NM! Multiple sizes left!

  1. You know, I saw these earlier and I was so back and forth with them. They only have them in red in my size and I am still debating. By the time I decide they will be not available most likely.
  2. I have a pair of these from last year (very similar style, different colors). They're cute and comfy but not super practical. Also, they ALWAYS show up on discount elsewhere. Just something to consider! I like mine a lot but don't wear them much.
  3. They're adorable but OMG that HEIGHT!!
  4. 5 1/2" heel! WOW!
  5. I tried these on (decided not to buy them) but the red actually looks better than the black. Yeah, the heel is high, but they look super hot on!
  6. I love the red ones...thankfully ;) they don't have my size left, I am not sure I could have resisted temptation!!
  7. I bought those when they were regular price. I sent them back. They were to high in front and it shows a lot of toe cleavage. It almost felt like there wasn't enough material in front and my toes were going to come out when I walked.
  8. the red one.. :drool:
    available in my size.. ohhh, temptation temptation..:push:
  9. I have no desire to be 6'3.5" so I'll pass on these stilts :lol:.
  10. :nuts: My first pair! I can't wait! OMG, thank you for that link.
  11. Those are so cute, I don't think I can handle being 6'6 with them on though.
  12. I purchased these a while back because I am 5 foot tall. They are heaven if you're my height and need a lift like I always do.
  13. Haha, I'm going to be well over 6' tall with them on. My SO is 6'4'' so he's gonna love it; he loves when I wear tall heels.
  14. awww... they don't have my size =(