Louboutin's for $223.90!

  1. OMG those are beautiful! What a great deal!
  2. Thanks for posting! I hope they fit me!
  3. Thanks so much. I hope they get here soon!
  4. why is my size gone :sad:
  5. Aww.. no 7 left! Thanks for sharing.. they are gorgeous!
  6. THANKS SO MUCH! I got a size 9 (surprised there was one left!)

    This will be my first pair of designer shoes! Yay!!!:tup::tup::tup::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  7. Gorgeous shoes but not a big fan of the heel. Remember to order 1/2 size up!!
  8. Since you're suppose to order half a size up and there's a 7.5 left, you might wanna try it out.
  9. Not many sizes left any more
  10. wow
  11. gone.
  12. i passed on it yersterday too. Didn't like the heel. congrats to all the ladies who got a pair.
  13. This was a great deal. I had these when they first came out, and returned them b/c of the heel (chunkier than I like), but I ended up buying them again since they were such a steal of the price.

    This is a shoe that definitely looks better on than in the stock photos, as is the case with most things. The search function is disabled right now, but there is a TPFer that wore them very well. Nikki Hilton has worn the 5" version too and I thought she looked great (kicking myself in the a** for not buying those when I had the chance b/c I prefer those to the 4" version).

    I plan on wearing mine with jeans or black pants.
  14. Here are the Nicky Hilton photos. These are the 5" Som1 though.
    Nicky Hilton Som1.jpg Nicky Hilton Som1 2.jpg Nicky Hilton Som1 3.jpg Nicky Hilton Som1 4.JPG Nicky Hilton Som 1 4.jpg