Louboutins comfortable?

  1. I bought a couple of pair of Louboutins from Saks around 3 weeks ago because I thought that they were suppose to be very comfortable. I wore the pair with 4" heels (slingbacks) the other day and did not find them comfortable. Do I need to wear them more or have them stretched or something before they become comfortable? I normally wear a size 7.5 US and purchased them in a size 8....could this be the problem? :shrugs:
  2. I thought you were supposed to size up in Louboutins because they run narrow.
  3. Comfort really depends on the shape/arch of each individual's foot (this is person-specific) and also the style of the CL shoe you chose. Each designer uses a different last (i.e. the arch area) for their line of shoes, so for some people Manolo's are the most comfortable, while others find Jimmy Choo's the most walkable, and then there are the CL fans. There really is no one-brand-fits-all in shoes, so it does take some test-driving through the various brands to find the one that bests fits you. Just b/c CL is the most expensive (well, generally speaking compared to MB & JC) doesn't mean it's guaranteed to be the most comfortable for everyone. I know people with feet on the wider side generally don't buy CL's for comfort (more for design/style). Also, a lot of CL's 4-inch and higher shoes aren't meant to be workhorse shoes for long-distance walking (more for short-distance walking/special events), as Monsieur Louboutin himself admitted to. It might take some practice walking in high heels to get used to. Which CL style did you get?
  4. This is the exact shoe that I bought and wore once:http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446159941&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=282574492703944&ASSORTMENT%3C%3East_id=1408474399545537&bmUID=1191041062661&ev19=3:2
  5. Those "Hai" slingbacks were pretty comfortable on me, but then again I have a small and narrow feet that hurts in MB's (which are cut wider than CL's). It could be the narrow width of CL shoes that's bothering you, or the set-back straight heel on that shoe (the shape of which is clearly different from MB & JC's heels -- I know this may make it harder to walk in for some who are used to "traditional"-shaped heels most of which are not of the straight set-back shape). If you're looking for a similar classic slingback that's wider/more forgiving up-front & with a non-setback/straight heel, try Manolo Blahnik's "Carolyne" style or some of JC's slingbacks.
  6. Thank you for the info. Do you think that Saks will take a return even though I have worn them once?
  7. Hmm, that I'm not sure about; so far only heard of Nordstrom allowing returns of used shoes that customers claim to be uncomfortable....not Saks. I've never tried it so I really don't know. Best probably to eBay it.
  8. I think I'll call Saks tomorrow to find out for sure. Thanks for all your help! :okay:
  9. Macy's does too, apparently.
  10. A friend of mine returned hers to Saks after wearing them. She told them they were unbearable. Sometimes peoples feet work different with different shoes. You shouldnt have a problem.
    But if your looking for comfortable Louboutins...the most comfy ones I own are my Very Prive & Veee pumps.
  11. I'm pretty sure they will take the return. Thank you all for your help!! :love:
  12. I also think it depends on the individuals feet and most importantly the distance...at least for me. I live in a really small town, and didn't get to wear my shoes much, so every time I made a trip out of town on shopping sprees to bigger cities I would only take designer heels...OMG...huge mistake!! I would end up having to buy flats or flip flops on every trip and would walk around with DEAD feet for a couple of days. Now I still take my heels, but I also take a pair of flats w me, and when I'm tired I change. Plus, I try to break them in a little at home before I wear them out (which I also didn't use to do...) IMO, CL's are the most comfortable I've bought though.