Louboutins and Giuseppe Zanottis have arrived

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  1. Both of these came today!!!

    I am definitely going to keep the Zanottis. I love how they look on me! I usually take a 38 but took a 38.5 in the Zanottis.

    I am going to have to return the CL Pigalles I think. Unfortunately the 38 squishes my toes, but the 38.5 (shown) are too big in the back and slip off. I hate returning them, though, because they are so cool!


    Thanks for looking!!
  2. Oh hey what's going on in that last pic? LOL You know footpetals makes a non slip for the heel. You should get some so you could keep the shoes.
  3. those shoes are sexxxyy
  4. LOL! I didn't even think how it would look. It's actually all very innocent. I was watching my TIVOed LOST episode.
  5. Very nice!
  6. Thank you, shoptfs and blew415!!!
  7. I bet the pictures do not do the Zanottis justice! I have something somewhat similar from a few years ago and the way they catch in the light is amazing! Bling for your feet.

    As far as the Pigalles I have the same problem as you which is why I don't have any. However, the suggestions here about the nonslip footpetals might just work. Let us know how it works out.
  8. i love the zanottis - wow! great shoes. congrats
  9. Love the Zanotti's!
  10. gorgeous absolutely gorgeous. congrats!
  11. Those Zanotti's rock!!
  12. Thanks, everyone! I've decided to send back the Louboutins but am keeping the Zanottis!
  13. I love the zanottis! They look sexy and comfy.