louboutins 50% off

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  1. Just wanted to repost what fellow tpfr clureciala was so gracious enough to post in the shoe thread. Barneys BH is having a huge sale on louboutin shoes..50% off!!!

    I got the activas for $440.00 down from $740.00 they are the black patent V strap heels you see in the below pics..I actually bought the black patent, nude patent and that dark green color for $440.00 each thanks to her posting!!!

    here are the pics she posted of some of the shoes on sale in the shoe forum:






  2. Wow ! Too bad I dont have Barneys here:crybaby:
  3. thanks for sharing!
  4. same. :crybaby:

  5. WOW! :nuts: You have quite an AMAZING COLLECTION! :heart:
    edited to add (*BLUSH* I just realized that was Barney's picture)

    Why/when did CL add "Paris" to the Inner Sole? :confused1:

    Was this a seasonal change or does it have to do with where the shoes are made?
  6. I called barney's BH and Dallas and didn't find anything:crybaby:
    chicbags-I have 8 pairs and they all have "Paris" in the inner sole.
  7. very nice, congrats!
  8. OMG i want 4 of those, wish I were near a barneys
  9. hi bourgeois

    do you know which stores these pictures were taken from? i love the shoe in the first picture but dont know the name! any info woul dbe great! thanks so much!!!!

  10. wow....drooling!!!
  11. mel- those are the 5" pigalles. Call barneys beverly hills.

    everyone else- they TAKE PHONE orders.
  12. i was at the Barneys BH store on Tuesday and not all of those styles are available anymore... i think the sale started last week.
  13. oh my... i love the heels in the first pic. it's gorgeous!!!
  14. Are these shoes seriously comfortable?
  15. What a Deal ........