Louboutin Wallpaper for Computer

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  1. Anyone have a good Louboutin desktop wallpaper? I know its a random question...

    but I want pretty shoes to stare at!!!
  2. What size desktop do you have? Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? I can make one. I'm a bored graphic design student! :biggrin: I have some good ideas.
  3. i have a pair of strassed lady claude on my wallpaper, picture from netaporter
  4. I have a 1280x800 :smile: i would love a pretty shoe desktop
  5. I use the Louboutin cupcake as my background on one of my computers. :P
  6. OMG! I've been searching too. There is nothing nice on the net to use on a widescreen monitor (the shoes look fat). Plus I wouldn't mind something for the PS3, which is on a 160" widescreen.
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  8. Tell me more. What is the Louboutin cupcake?! :nuts:
  9. where can i find some of those pictures?

    I like the Barbie one alot too! thanks!!
  10. This is my current background.

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  11. hehe it's my psp"s =)
  12. Attached is a quick background 1280x800 I created. Note that this is an edited/composed image so it will not have the quality of a true photograph.

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  13. I used to have a picture of my shoes as my bg.