Louboutin Wallis Mary Jane

  1. help pls! based in London and cant seem to find this shoe anywhere (plain wallis in black). Boutique said go to Harvey Nichols and Harvey Nichols said go to boutique!? Any ideas?
  2. The black patent Wallis mary jane has been sold out for a long time. None of the US boutiques have that shoe now. NM had that style back in 2004 and IIRC a few pairs actually went on sale (can you believe it?) b/c back then few people knew about CL and his shoes weren't as highly in demand as now. Best shot at this point is eBay or try a special order.
  3. I bought (and returned) a pair of black patent Super Wallis MJs from Neiman Marcus this past fall. It's a long shot at this point but you could try to call one and see if they can locate for you!
  4. To the OP, is it the Wallis or Super Wallis that you're looking for? Super Wallis is the platform version (basically Bruges with that Mary-Jane strap).
  5. thanks for your advice. I am looking for the normal 4.5 inch heel wallis (not the super wallis). you are right, i ve been buying Louboutins for many years and i had seen them even in London on sale but never in my size. I settled for the pointy Manolos mary janes instead but have always felt that was second best :sad:
    Does Louboutin still do special orders? i thought now that they re so popular all that is over.
  6. I've been looking for the super wallis. They are sold out in dept stores and cl. They did have a bronze one recently at cl.

    Yes, you can special order but I think its 20% above retail.
  7. ^^ The super wallis is one of my HG shoes. They were the very first pair of CL's I had ever put on my feet last summer and I'm still regretting not buying them then. Black kid with black heel and platform. :crybaby: I'm actually thinking about a special order, since the only pair I've ever seen on eBay in my size had a huge markup anyway. Does anyone remember the retail?
  8. there is a beige super wallis on net-a-porter
  9. Retail for the SUPER WALLIS was $770 or something like that.
  10. I think it was around $730 for the Super Wallis. ariel, good luck with your search!
  11. Thanks. I thought it was either 720 or 810 for some reason. ariel, thanks for the lead. if only those NAP ones were in black, or even in my size...maybe we can start a petition to ask M. Louboutin to bring back the Wallis next season!
  12. If anyone is a 36, wants the Wallis in tortoise-shell, and will pay $700 for them, snap these up! Auction ends 1/31.
  13. Dead End! Paris shop said they can only special order the Wallis in Croc or python (a bit too much I think). so sad i am not 36!
  14. so gorgeous. $700!?
  15. Those are my HG shoes as well, but I want them, in black kid not patent.

    I have the regular Wallis in tortoise which I love but I desperately want a pair of Super Wallis. I'm going to save up for a special order.