Louboutin Very Prive Pumps in nude patent?

  1. has anyone seen them anywhere? I have the sling backs but would love the pumps as well. I spoke to both CL stores in NY and they do not have them, Saks also said they wouldn't be getting them but im not so sure i trust the SA i spoke to there. If anyone knows pls post, ive been looking everywhere!!
  2. I'm not sure. I spoke with a Saks SA about a month ago and they informed me they will be available in stores on September 27th.
  3. I just saw them for pre-order at one of the dept stores the other night. Those are top of my wish list, too. I love the nude patent.
  4. I pre-ordered them from Saks.com.
  5. Only Saks online is getting them but they are long sold-out of pre-orders. CL boutiques had them last summer (2006) in nude patent with red peep-toe and those sold-out in days. One of the BEST CL styles EVER>
  6. shoot, i love the sling backs but not for winter...darn!
  7. Saks.com has them...
  8. Check nm.com for the slingbacks. A random size pops up every now and then. If you really want a nude shoe footcandyshoes.com has a nude rolande.
  9. I got an email as a result of an online chat with a saks.com sa, and they said the NY City store (prob there are more than one--whatev) would be getting them in September.

    You should call the Saks in NY and harass them ... def worth it for this shoe.

    I'm dying for my own pair; however, my cc is totally opposed to the idea at the moment.

  10. Ghanima - you can always do a SO through the CL boutiques. And I would definetly recommend going for the red tip! That would look awesome against the nude patent leather.