LOUBOUTIN Suede PRIVE Sizing help

  1. It's my girlfriend's 30th soon, and i was going to surprise her with a pair of Prive, but i've heard sizing is tricky!

    So i need some female help! ;)

    She's a UK size 5, and her best fitting shoes are Aldo size 5's. But i've heard that Louboutins can run slightly small.

    Obvisously getting the gf to try them on first would be great, but kind of ruin the surprise!

    So, what size should i be going for?

    Was going for a 38/US7.5 in suede.
  2. I have these Louboutins in the cork version. As long as your GF doesn't have wide feet, I think you should go down half a size if possible. I'm normally size 35, but I had to put padding into my 35's for a better fit. There's such a steep incline from the tall heels, so your toes slide farther down through the toe-opening. This leaves a small gap between your heel and the back of the shoe. BTW, that's so sweet of you to buy these for her!
  3. I have read that the suede very prives run large and they stretch out so you should size down.
  4. Thanks :smile:

    So i should be hunting out a size 37.5 or 37?
  5. I normally wear 40 in Louboutin, but I have the Prive peep toe platforms in both suede and leather. I find the suede ones run a little bigger. So while you may be advised to go up a 1/2-1 size bigger in Louboutins generally, with the Suede Prives, I'd suggst stick to her normal size or 1/2 bigger if her feet are wide. Fab gift! Well done!
  6. Yep, her feet are slightly wider than average....so i'm going to go for a 38. If they're slightly too big, she'll have to pad them out. :yes:

    Just have to find a pair now!:sad: There's a few pairs on eBay, but they're going for $900-1000 :wtf:

  7. I'd suggest you getting them from Louboutin or a regular store. The New York and London Louboutin stores are really helpful and they are only $790ish ALso www.MyThersea.com have Prives (although in leather , but not the suede right now).
    Good luck
  8. I have a pair of 36.5 with red tips that I haven't worn but I need a heel grip and padding in the front to get them to fit. I'm normally a size 5. I think I need a size 5.5 though. They were the last pair in the store and they were TDF!
  9. Found some for $750, which is good news!

    Thanks for all your help :smile: