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  1. Ladies,
    I dont know how most of you feel, but I am pretty much in the dark when it comes to current Louboutin stock. I feel like I need to contact so many different stores over the phone, usually I am looking for a specific style but overall I dont know whats new or simply what else is there. It can be hard sometimes dealing with different SAs and not necesarily being able to develop a long relationship with one. I have bought mine from at least 10 different SAs. Here in Seattle the stores that carry the brand are very limited and the selection is very poor and in some cases behind on the styles. I also feel that online selection can be limited ( I know all the sites but its still not enough for me! ) and eBay is just getting scary (fake scare :wtf:) and overpriced.

    I was hoping that since we have so many ladies here "in the know" or that have better accessibility to the brand to be able to post where/what/price? of thecurrent stock and pictures would definately be FAB!
  2. Excellent idea! I also called CL in NYC today and they said the pics of the fall collection should be up on their site within a week or so.
  3. yay can't wait
  4. That's a huge undertaking even with our combined efforts. How would we begin? Should we list the stores and online sites we've been to and identify the styles that they carry? Should we wait until the Fall Collection is posted on the Louboutin website and then list all the stores and online sites we see them in?
  5. ledaatomica, are there no CL boutiques by you? The best way to stay on top of things is to develop a relationship with one or two SAs in the CL boutique. The department store SA's get rotated and generally aren't too knowledgeable in any one designer. My wonderful SA's @ Louboutin here call and email me just about every single week with stock info or a friendly "just to let you know". If I want a shoe that they don't have, they'll size me and track the shoe down for me and send it to my work/apt, or if it's a style/color/height that only the dept stores carry, they call for me and have the dept store SA hold the shoe for me. There's nothing that compares to having wonderful SA's.
  6. I don't think there is a CL boutique in Seattle. Fatefullotus is right about developing a close relationship with a SA. I've got one at a store that carries CL and she is very good about calling me when they get new stock and putting away my size.
  7. Agreed, Lavender.

    CL shoes are not like bags, where there might be 20 a season, and half of those are permanent styles. CL is alot more complex -- the shoes are any combination of heel height, heel style, colors, fabrics, platform/no platform, tip color, etc ad nauseum. Add to that the complication that CL distributes his shoes so that each dept chain stock varies from the boutique stock, which varies from online store stock. There is simply no comprehensive way to put together a "look book."

    Sorry, there's no Lazy Woman's Guide to Louboutins out there. You'll have to do it the same way we all do it: time-consuming, painstaking, obsessive searches. :graucho:
  8. I agree :yes: It's ever so important to build relationships with SA's. There certainly is no lazy woman's guide to Louboutins. It took me quite some time (and a big chunk of $) to develop lasting relationships with SA's at various boutiques & dept. stores....to prove to them my love of & loyalty to the brand....but totally worth it.

    And a big part of the thrill is the HUNT for these babies! Aso predicting or "betting" (with money at stake of course) which styles will be the hottest collectible ones **before** they arrive, **before** they hit the magazines, & **before** celebs/stylists get a hold of them -- I love doing my own little "fashion forecasting" right before the start of a season and pre-ordering certain styles before the rest of the world catches on to the hype.
  9. No there are no Louboutin stores where I live at all. Its very hard to develop a relationship with an SA over the phone. Especially since you have to call so many stores to find what you are looking for. It even more so harder to keep buying from the same store when you know too late that they have run out of stock.

    I just wanted some help from you all, but its seems like I may have asked the wrong question. I am by no means lazy, I make X calls weekly but I can understand if you dont want to share information you worked hard to get in the first place.
  10. hey girl i suggest calling one of their boutiques my fave the horatio st. location and talking to Elizabeth she is so sweet. Just tell her what u look for in CL shoes and she will happily provide u pics etc... Thats how i do it and i live in Canada.
  11. Angelie: I thought they don't ship up to Canada?
  12. ^ thanks angelie. I have spoken and purchased from Elizabeth before she is indeed quite sweet.

    I guess maybe I was taken the wrong way. I purchase louboutins all the time and dont have trouble with it but my scope of style selection is limited. I have called all the boutiques several times sometimes they send pictures but not on a weekly basis or anything. I thought it was a neat idea to share this information collectively in a thread thats all. This is done already in this sub-forum in a more scattered manner and I was hoping to get it all in one place. Its not an easy way out for me its more about widening our scope of knowledge of whats out there other than what we already see on all the websites ...

  13. they do and it's not too expensive either and they declare a low value BINGO
  14. Leedaatomica - i think ur idea is fab if everyone would post what styles and colors they have seen when their out and abt or from emails they get from their sa's that would be great. It would make it much easier for others to find their dream shoe. I wish we could make a permanent post and everyone could add info when they see new shoes.
  15. Aww, I don't want you to think I don't want to share info. I post here to help others in any way that I can. It is frustrating to have to search for CLs, particularly when there is a style that is seemingly unattainable, but I get such a deep satisfaction when a trip to a dept. store or boutique or an online order works out.