Louboutin slingbacks, how confortable are they...honestly!!!!!


are Louboutin shoes 10 cm comfortable?

  1. yes, they are comfortable

  2. no, they are uncofortable

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  1. Hey ladies..I am thinking of buying this pair of shoes. They are 10 cm tall. I rarely buy expensive high heeled shoes because I always wear flats. Do you know if they are comfortable, or any other Louboutin shoes this high comfortable? Thanks in advance.:heart:
  2. I don't own that pair, but I have other slingbacks and I honestly don't mind them. They aren't the most comfortable shoes in my closet but for the heel height, I think they are fine. I can wear them to work (granted, I work in an office) and be okay. I think the fact that I'm used to heels helps but I don't find them uncomfortable.
  3. Thanks :flowers:...are the other slingbacks you have Louboutin?
  4. I have the Matador in white. They look fabulous, but do hurt the sides of my feet a bit. I've only worn them a couple of times so the patent leather hasn't really stretched that much. I should probably wear them more often..lol.

    The main problem I have with the slingbacks is that the strap is always falling off of my heels. I haven't gotten the footpetals things yet to keep them from moving.
  5. I have a pair. They were my first pair of slingbacks ever and I can honestly say they are the most comfy high heels I own!!
  6. i've always been a heels type of girl so i've worn my fair shair of heels.

    that being said I love CL heels and manolo heels. they are super light & they are the most comfy heels I have worn.

    if you're going to splurge & get a pair of heels definitely get either CL or Manolo. other brands might look nice but they aren't very comfy
  7. I have that pair in Camel. Very comfortable, you NEED foot petals too. Also, try a larger size. I fit in a 38 but when I tried on a 39 it was A LOT more comfortable.
  8. thanx:flowers:!what are foot petals?:s
  9. They are inlays often in gel Dr. Scholl makes them as well as other brands.

    I don't own the O my sling but they are a very classy shoe now if you are not used to heels you might want to start out with a pair of n° prive's like the ones in my avatar, they have a hidden platform which makes them easier to walk in. I personally think the VP's (closed back) and N° P's (slingback version) are among the most comfortable heels / Cl's
  10. I have a pair of the CL Horatio slings 85mm and I find them very comfortable!
    The important thing is to get the right fit.
  11. Yes, they are.
  12. If you find the right size/proper fit, Numero Prive (slingback version of the Very Prive) are highly comfortable!
    I wore my patent NPs all night, walking around a little, to the car and back (the things I won't pay for sometimes... i.e., valet parking--esp when all they do sometimes is drive the car 20 feet! :blah:) and they felt fine at the end of the night... Didn't even need any breaking in! :noworry:
  13. I am returned a pair of No Prive slingbacks because the slings were so uncomfortable. They were a patent leather pair so maybe it was because of that- I didn't think they'd stretch out to the point of being comfortable.
  14. I find the slingback's being more comfortable then a full shoe...but I only have sling's with a platform.
  15. I have the Architeks and they are very comfortable.