Louboutin Site

  1. Does anyone know when CL website updates are made to showcase the fall collection? I cant wait to see all the new styles. I know many of them are popping up in retail but I am so curious to see the whole collection. :heart:
  2. Me too -- any inside informants from Louboutin headquarters?
  3. I'd like to see the whole collection in one place too.
  4. ^^

  5. I called CL and they told me it should be within the week, I truly hope so as Barney and Saks in my city already have stuff and are selling out, yikes!
  6. I still dont see them.
    what am I doing wrong :hysteric:
  7. Leda, when you click on the English site, click on the black patent pigalle to the far left and you will see the Autumn Winter 2007 collection.
  8. The more I see Lady Gres, the more I like them. I might try them on again because it is such a beautiful shoe.
  9. I didn't even realize that the pictures were 'clickable'?! :p
  10. I see it now. I dont know why I couldnt ealier in the day. Might have something to do with website caching?
  11. :heart: the Sirenettes!!!

    I love seeing my grey Decoltissimo 100s on there too :heart:
  12. OMG .. the clichy is back!!!!! :upsidedown::woohoo::woohoo::upsidedown:
  13. About time! I love the Lady Gres and the Marpoil 100...