Louboutin Shopping - NYC

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  1. Ladies

    I'm off to New York in a couple of weeks and will be purchasing a pair or two of Louboutins!! Does anyone know what shop has the best selection or do I just head straight to the CL Boutique? Any help appreciated :tup:
  2. I'm partial to Saks
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    How exciting!!!!! CL boutiques on Horatio and also on Madison Ave.

    Saks, Bergdorf, and Barneys are all good
  4. All of the dept stores that carry CLs-Saks, BG, and Barney's-are all good places to go because they all have slightly different inventory from each other and the boutiques. Plus, they are within walking distance of each other so it can't hurt to check out all of them!
  5. FYI: there's no Neiman Marcus in NYC. The closest is in Westchester I think.
  6. i think bg is the best shoe salon and has a great selection of cls but saks and barneys are up there too!

    you could also try some of the consigment stores if you don't mind used pairs- michael's often has cls (more manolos though) and i've found shoes at some of the other places near there too.
  7. I can't wait to visit the Saks NYC shoe salon someday. I just love it has its own ZIP code!
  8. Actually, 10022 is a the zip code Sak's is in. They make it seem like it is the exclusive zip for the shoe salon tho.
  9. You are right. I got confused with the NM in Chicago on Michigan Ave or maybe it is my subconscious telling me I need to do my NM errand today:P
  10. edit to my above post: the "shoe" part of Sak's "10022-SHOE" is unique but the last 4 digits are never needed for mailing anyways so its more of a gimmick than a true zip code
  11. I'm partial to Saks and Barneys, but you should definitely go to one of the two boutiques since they carry different styles.
  12. I've only bought CLs at Saks and the Madison boutique. But you should visit all of the stores and both boutiques if you have the time and energy!
  13. I think the ideal thing to do it go to Saks, Bergdorf's, Barney's, and the Madison boutique - they're within walking distance and then you get to see almost everything. If you can only do one, though, I'd go to Saks - they have the biggest variety. If you want something a little more unique that isn't in every store, BG is the place to go.
  14. I was at at Barneys, Saks, and Bergdorf this weekend. Saks and Bergdorf were great- lots of choices. Barneys did not have a great selection. I thought the shelves looked empty, like they had run out of shoes, and they didn't have a lot of sizes. But that may change by the time you are here. It's definitely walkable to do all three (That's what I did) and the Madison boutique is also close to Barneys. If you have to choose only one place, I'd recommend Bergdorf or Saks.
  15. thanks for all your answers ladies!! i can't wait! I'm gonna go to all the stores, don't wanna miss out on anything!