Louboutin sandal sizing

  1. I'm looking at a pair of Louboutin espadrille sandals. I wear an 8 normally - should I go with the 8, or 9 in CL? TIA! I'm looking at either these: [​IMG] Or these (red or black?): [​IMG]
  2. these run extremely small. I generally wear a 39 and when I tried the 40 they were small on me, you must have very very narrow feet.
  3. Hi. Just rec'd the red ankle tie ones and I feel they fit true to size. I haven't wore them out yet, but around my home I find them very comfortable. They are very low in the front. I like them better than the gingham because I see other designers ripping off the look.
  4. Keep in mind that they don't come in half sizes. (At least not at Footcandy where I was trying them on.) Good luck though!