Louboutin Sample Sale - NY

  1. what time is the sale going on tomorrow?
  2. I never make it on anyone's vip list :sad:
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    I just returned. Very low-key today. The selection was better at the last sale, but I still
    managed to do some damage to my checking account.

    I saw soooo many shoes and boots in size 35 and 36, and very few in my actual size of 42.

    Shoes were $100-$400
    Saw boots priced at $500
  4. i am thinking stopping by tomorrow, what are the prices like? last year they opened till 5, did they extend the hours this year?
  5. I could cry. They have my sizes? Oh well, I don't have enough money to make it onto anyone's VIP list. :smile:
  6. 9-5 tomorrow. they said they weren't restocking, but I saw lots of boxes in the back with the sale stickers on them. They may be held for employees or others.

    I am tempted to go back, but after the debacle with my husband the last time I was there, I need to put my debit card away.
  7. Glad you were able to find some!!
  8. i stopped by today hoping they would let me in without being on the list and it didnt work. I was so depressed.:tdown:
  9. i am SOOOO JEALOUS!!!!

    how can i be a CL VIP??? :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  10. The sale was mon for employees only, tues for friends and family, and the last one is thursday, they are all invite only with no exceptions
  11. Ladies! has anyone tried going today?? there are allot of bloggers posting all of the sudden about the louboutin sale on twitter today...they are not saying it is invite only....any info???? i have my foot out the door...
  12. I know someone on here tried earlier this week and got turned away at the door, I think Louboutin is fairly strict on the invite only...
  13. has anyone been there today?
  14. my friend went,she was on the list, she told me that most of the stuff was really ugly (showed me pics of stuff she remembered and YES U-G-L-Y). She bought one pair of goldish heels for $250...apparently the sale started at the beginning of the week so a lot of the good stuff was gone