Louboutin Rolando Black Patent available at Barnys.com

  1. I've been looking for these in black patent for ages, they are available at Barneys! I hope this is helpful to someone else!

  2. oh my gosh they have my size!!! too bad i gotta pay bills and cannot buy these!!! arrrrrghh thanks for the heads up! =) but now i'm sad coz i cant get it just yet...and watch they sell out like crazy
  3. ooooh, they have my size too! I'm very tempted...
  4. im usually a size 6.5 what size should i get?
  5. ^^You should get a 7 or 7.5. I sized up one full size.
  6. go up at least half a size, if you can get both and return the one that doesnt work.
  7. Do you need to size up a full size from your regular CL size?
    Im a 39-39.5 40 in Decollete. 38 in Helmut
  8. I noticed them also. I am on lockdown right now.
  9. Stinas, I would get these in your decollete size as the toe box is cut rather narrow in these as well. I have these in red patent and also both Mad Mary in black and beige and I have all 3 pairs in my decollete size. Trust me, your toes will not be happy if you go any smaller. lol
  10. those are hot
  11. I love these shoes! Barney's doesn't ship to Canada! :crybaby:
  12. Snowwhite: They have them at Holts in red and black if you want them. I just put the red ones away for PSN!
  13. WHAT??? Which Holt's? I'm in Edmonton--they don't have them here. :sad: