Louboutin Red Soles and B Bag Red...

  1. To me, the sole of a CL shoe is the perfect red...:heart:

    So which Bal bag red do you think is the closest to my "perfect" red?

    (and if you can, post pics of your CL's and your red b bag)
  2. That sounds like a great combo!
    Since the shoes and the bag are separate and not on top of each other I would think any red, like VIF or tomato, other than a burgundy would go well. Come to think of it, even a burgundy would be great.
    Now I just need Louboutins.
  3. Look all through the celeb thread, I'm pretty sure there are pics with Christina A wearing louboutins and Bal together.
  4. Leopard Very Prive with my tomato city:
  5. ^ is it wrong to start to dribble saliva on your keyboard after seeing a photo like that?
  6. I'm not an animal print kinda of gal...but the red...WoWsers!!!:nuts:

  7. Shoelover - THANK YOU! I was hoping tomato red was "the" red. I did the VIF thing and it wasn't "perfect"

    Now I have to find a tomato city or part time...
  8. now it's pics like this that are to blame for me needing a red bag! :love: :drool: :love:
    :shame: on all you bad influences out there!
  9. ummm... i think ShoeLovers photo officially convinced me that I need something in tomato.
    a nice tomato clutch and a pair of classic CL peep toe pumps = :heart::heart::heart::heart:

    louboutins are soooo hot! : )
  10. I love being such a bad influence:devil:!!!
  11. Love it shoelover!!

    theres a pic of stylefly somewhere with her louboutins.............. she has the R.vif (i think!) was a good combo too.
  12. Great combo-
    must get Louboutins!
  13. Those shoes are :drool: worthy.
  14. The heel looks maybe just a *touch* oranger than the bag in that pic, so I'm thinking Vermillion might actually be the perfect match! Can anyone verify this pictorially? :yes:
  15. my rouge vif :smile: i love this bag!!